As all the fashions, the crown is going to modify over the years and tastes. Before 1850, crowns are made by various materials according to the regional fashions. Crowns have not always been in bloom : in the low guerandais Country, the bride carried a crown in metal (from XVIIIth century to 1770s) then by a crown of shell.
From 1850 but especially after 1880, the model was standardized with flowers and buttons of wax orange tree, symbols of innocence and of purity. 


You will discover in the museum the story of Saint-Joachim’s Assembly shop. 

Glass dome

The first glass domes appeared in the 1850s. In France and in other European countries, glass dome's fashion was very important between the 1890’s and the 1920’s. Manufacturers, most of them located in Paris, developped a lot of models and designs.

Keen interest disappeared just after the second world war...

Rediscover them in the Glass dome's counter...


Family's photographs album

After the wedding, coronet was let in the glass dome to preserve it from dust. 

It was put on the chest of drawers or on the chimney, in the principal room of the house. During their entire life, the wife and the husband usually added family's memories, just like a family album of photographs.